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The three essential care products for treating Ventri leather: cleaning lotion, leather cream and a brush. 


Saphir’s cleaning lotion eliminates dirt while preserving patina and glazing. The formula, with carnauba wax, gives protection and shine. 


The leather cream, Creme Universelle, from Saphir, is a neutral polish that won’t stain and sufficiently hydrate the leather. The jojoba oil and beeswax formula gently cleans and conditions the leather. Regular use keeps the leather supple, glowing and better resistant to stains. 


Both the cleaning lotion and leather cream are unpigmented and thus suitable for all colours of leather. They can be used on the textured Ventri leather and smooth leather.


Apply a small amount of the product on a brush first and rub it evenly on the leather, leave out to dry.

care set

  • We recommend taking care of the leather by treating it every few months. Before using a leather cream, we suggest cleaning the leather with a mild cleaning lotion.

  • cleaning lotion: 125ml
    leather cream: 150ml
    brush: wood with horsehair, 7.5x3cm

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