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Sustainability Statement

Our textured Ventri leather is made from cow stomachs. In the meat and dairy industry, these are typically processed for biomass or pet food. Ventri celebrates their beauty. We are founded out of a deep appreciation for nature, astonishment at the incredible scale and complexity of modern industry and a respect for craftsmanship and heritage. 


Ventri is based in the Netherlands, where we work closely with local industry professionals to ensure a high level of quality control. We source our cow stomachs exclusively from Dutch slaughterhouses and clean and tan them in the Netherlands, ensuring compliance with Dutch regulations governing animal welfare, working conditions, and wastewater treatment. We work together with the workers to clean and prepare the stomachs before they are tanned at a fourth-generation tannery in Brabant. Our tanning process is constantly developing: currently, we tan chrome-free. 


All other materials of our leather goods, including lining leather, trimmings, hardware, and packaging, are sourced locally in Spain, where our products are made by local artisans. Producing in small quantities, we are able to use high-quality deadstock materials. Additional leather is Gold certified by the Leather Working Group and Blauer Engel and OEKO-TEX® certified. We also use plastic-free packaging to minimize our environmental impact. 


We believe in transparency and open dialogue throughout the production process. We are committed to sustainable and ethical production practices that benefit both people and the environment. We are always open to suggestions and feedback that can help us improve our processes and reduce our environmental impact. 

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